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    RG18 Competitors

    January 2, 2018 by Okamifan1

    Here is a list of competitors for RoboGames 2018. Note this list is not 100% accurate as there will be robots that drop out without notice, and I am also relying on outside sources for info on who is registered, so some bots could drop out without me noticing.

    Robot Team Country Event RoboGames debut? Photo
    1st and 2nd Place unknown US 60lb Combat No N/A
    4by8 unknown unknown 120lb Combat Yes N/A
    Anteras Trincabotz BR 1lb Jr. No

    Apolkalipse ThundeRatz BR 120lb Combat No

    Aquilies Equipe TROIA BR 60lb Combat No

    Atilla unknown unknown 220lb Combat Yes N/A
    Atilla Jr. (Technically Waitlisted) unknown US 120lb Combat Yes N/A
    Bheem unknown IN 120lb Combat Yes N/A
    Bhuvi (Technically Waitlisted) unknown IN 120lb Combat Yes N/A
    Bigly unknown US 60lb Combat No


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    These websites have data that could be used to improve or create new pages.

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  • Okamifan1

    Okay you might have noticed that I have not been on r/battlebots, r/robotwars, and have not edited the wiki for days right?

    That is because I have several things to do lately. I am getting a new laptop, and it will have a custom skin, so I have to design my own for that.

    Second of all is finals, I had to design an animation in photoshop for my finals exam. I just turned that in at 3:00 AM last night so I am kind of running on fumes right now.

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  • Okamifan1

    This list consists of robots known to be registered for RoboGames 2017.

    Robot Team Weight Country Picture
    Megabyte Robotic Death Company Heavyweight US

    Bugalele Ogrebots Lightweight BR

    VDD Team Think Tank Antweight US

    Lionheart Team Toad Middleweight US

    Rampage C2 Robotics Middleweight US


    Stewart Northern Exposure Robotics Depot Middleweight ?

    Abbatoir Team Wetware Heavyweight US

    Death by Monkeys Team Death by Monkeys Lightweight US

    Mouse The Schmidt Family Heavyweight US

    Quicksand Resetti's Replicas Beetleweight US

    Cavalier UTA Combat Robotics Heavyweight US

    Hexadecimator Team Whoopass Heavyweight US

    Mega Melvin Bots FC Heavyweight US

    Foxic 3 Team Danby Heavyweight US

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  • Asbestosstar

    All rp's will be made on in the forum.

    Welcome Y'all. Welcome to the new Era! This is where you cad a robot and fight against other peoples cad models. Here is the rules set for The New Era. Note: this rule set is based of of the robogames rules. So if i do not mention something but robogames rules approve it then it is allowed. But if you are unsure you just ask me. I like new ideas. Plus you can enter is many bots as you want in a weight class.  The Sponsors are: The Wallace Store from Roll of Thunder, The Barnett Mercantile from Roll of Thunder, Asbestosstar Inc., Red Bull, and Unity. So this event has lots of sponsors. To enter the event you must make a cad model or drawing. I am not too picky as long as i know what it is…

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    This is a comprehensive list of the events that have been hosted by ComBots, LLC. over the years. The sole exception being ComBots on Ice which was hosted by Robot Revo, and is considered unofficial.


    • RSA Holiday Games


    • ROBOlympics 2004
    • 2004 ComBots Open
    • 2004 RFL Nationals


    • Embedded Systems Confrence
    • RoboGames 2005
    • RoboNexus 2005
    • 2005 RFL Nationals
    • ComBots Cup I


    • Febuary Fun Fest
    • ComBots Game Developers Conf
    • Maker Faire 2006
    • RoboGames 2006


    • ComBots Cup II
    • RoboGames 2007


    • ComBots Cup III
    • RoboGames 2008


    • ComBots Cup IV
    • RoboGames 2009


    • ComBots Cup V
    • RoboGames 2010


    • ComBots Cup VI
    • RoboGames 2011


    • ComBots Cup VII
    • RoboGames 2012


    • RoboGames 2013


    • No Known Events


    • RoboGames 2015


    • ComBots on Ice
    • RoboGames 2016

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