Devil's Plunger

Devil's Plunger was a middleweight by Team Plumb Crazy. It was one of the most success Team PlumbCrazy robots with a 78% win percentage (outside of RoboGames).

It was designed around Sewer Snake's drive train, Devil's Plunger had the power to push super heavyweights and a floppy wedge to get under the opposition. It debuted in the ROBOlympics in 2004 however it met a grizzly end in 2006 when it fought as a heavyweight, and was torn a part by Megabyte, it would retire after this competition.

Robot History Edit

ROBOlympics 2004Edit

Steel Conflict SDC 2004Edit

RoboGames 2005Edit

RoboGames 2006Edit

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 14
  • Losses: 7

Outside RoboGames Edit

Devil's Plunger fought in multiple events in 2003-2006, winning 65 battles and losing 18 battles in total.