Guillotine was a Lightweight robot built by Team Widowmaker that competed at the 2015 RoboGames, Combots Cup VI, and VII, as well as the ComBots Texas Cup. It was a multi-colored, invertible, two-wheeled robot, armed with an angled titanium spinning disc, and a rear plow that could be swapped out for a wedge if needed. Guillotine did not do well in RoboGames finishing with career record of 6-8, and after RoboGames 2015 it was retired, and replaced with the much more successful Tastes Like Burning.

Robot History Edit

ComBots Texas Cup Edit

ComBots Cup VI Edit

ComBots Cup VII Edit

RoboGames 2015 Edit

Combat Record Edit


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 8
Competition Wins Losses
ComBots Texas Cup Texas Heat

Spinnerbait Jr.


The Big B

ComBots Cup VI CR-30W & Wedge

Tire Bot

Touro Light

The Big B

ComBots Cup VII Little Kahuna Blue

Texas Heat

RoboGames 2015 HyperActive Blue


Outside of RoboGames Edit


The First Version of Guillotine, Widowmaker in its BattleBots Season 2.0 appearance.

Guillotine was originally built for BattleBots Season 2.0 as Widowmaker as a vertical bar spinner rather reminiscent of Nightmare, and returned in Season 5.0 with the look that would ultimately evolve into Guillotine.