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Hardcore Robotics is one of the big three teams in Robot Combat, along with Team Plumb Crazy, and Team Riobotz. Hardcore Robotics is best known, and feared for their flagship Heavyweight Last Rites due to the sheer power behind its weapon. The team has also had success in other weight classes with their Superheavyweight robot Tombstone, as well as their now retired Middleweight The Mortician.


  • Wins: 138
  • Losses: 107
Robot Weight class Events competed in
Bear Tracks Featherweight 2004 RFL Nationals
Frosty the Snowbot Lightweight/Middleweight ComBots Cup IV
Last Rites Heavyweight

ComBots Cup I-VII

RoboGames 2006-2017

Mitch Featherweight

ComBots Texas Cup

ComBots Cup IV

RoboGames 2008-2010

Shin Splitter Heavyweight ROBOLympics 2004
Swamp Thing Middleweight/Heavyweight

2004 RFL Nationals

RoboGames 2006

RoboGames 2016-2017

The Coroner Lightweight

RoboGames 2011-2013

ComBots Cup VI-VII

The Great Pumpkin Lightweight/Heavyweight

RoboGames 2009-2015

ComBots Cup VI-VII

The Mortician Middleweight

ROBOLympics 2004

2005 RFL Nationals

RoboGames 2005-2013

ComBots Cup II-VII

Tombstone Superheavyweight

ROBOLympics 2004

2004 RFL Nationals

RoboGames 2005

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