Hexadecimator 2018 pits

Hexadecimattor in the pits in 2018

HexaDecimator (AKA: Hexy D) is a Heavyweight robot that competed at RoboGames 2006, and 2017. It is a four-wheeled, silver, box-wedge shaped robot armed with a powerful pneumatic flipping arm. It did well in competition, placing fourth in RoboGames 2006.

It then retired for 10+ years before suddenly emerging to compete at RoboGames 2017 where it went 2-1 after suffering from ground clearance issues.

Robot HistoryEdit

RoboGames 2006Edit

HexaDecimator's first match was against CycloneBot. When the match began, the two bots met at the center of the arena before HexaDecimator charged a spinning CycloneBot, sending it flying with a flick from its flipping arm.
Hexy D CycloneBot 1

Hexy D sends CycloneBot into the air

HexaDecimator immediately charged again, knocking CycloneBot further away, but missing the flip.
Hexy D CycloneBot 2

Hexy D rams into CycloneBot, sending it in the air

HexaDecimator lined up for another charge, sending CycloneBot in the air again but firing its flipper a second too late. HexaDecimator once again lined up for another charge, but ended up taking the shot on the left corner of its wedge by mistake, causing itself to get knocked away. Recovering from the last hit, HexaDecimator charged in again, taking the shot to its left side. Afterwards, HexaDecimator slowly moved towards CycloneBot, hoping to get under and achieve a flip. HexaDecimator took two light hits from CycloneBot and fired its flipper, only to miss. HexaDecimator immediately charged back into CycloneBot, this time achieving a flip.
Hexy D CycloneBot 3

Hexy D connects a flip on CycloneBot.

HexaDecimator slowly moved in and took another light hit before firing again, only managing to create sparks from skimming CycloneBot's body. HexaDecimator continued to take light shot after light shot from CycloneBot, failing to achieve another flip,
Hexy D CycloneBot 4

Hexy D takes a hit to its wedge from CycloneBot

before it made a massive charge and rammed hard into CycloneBot, missing another flip, but knocking CycloneBot into the wall.
HexaDecimator CycloneBot last collision

HexaDecimator slams into CycloneBot for the final time.

Unfortunately, this massive clash took its toll on HexaDecimator, as it was rendered incapacitated. CycloneBot was still moving, and it watched as HexaDecimator was counted out for a win by KO. This sent HexaDecimator into the loser's bracket, where it faced Spinning Mayhem.

It is unknown what happened in that fight as no footage exists of it, but HexaDecimator won and moved on to face Compressor.

No footage of that fight exists either, but HexaDecimator also won that fight and moved on to face a 3-wheeled Devil's Plunger.

When the match began, HexaDecimator charged in and attempted a flip, but missed. The two bots continued to clash and maneuver around, trying to get under one another. At one point, Devil's Plunger rode right up HexaDecimator's wedge, giving the latter the opportunity to score a flip. However, the angle was wrong, so HexaDecimator only managed to shave some sparks off the wedge when attempting the flip.
HexaDecimator Devil's Plunger 1

HexaDecimator flicks the wedge of Devil's Plunger, sending some sparks flying.

After Devil's Plunger rolled off, the two bots continued their battle for position with neither side achieving much of anything until HexaDecimator scooped up Devil's Plunger from the side and slammed it into the wall. HexaDecimator soon backed away and clashed head on, but it got popped in the air. After some maneuvering, HexaDecimator got under from the left front of Devil's Plunger and fired its flipper, flipping Devil's Plunger up several feet into the air before the latter landed upside down.
HexaDecimator Devil's Plunger 2

HexaDecimator tosses Devil's Plunger several feet into the air

With the latter's wedge now misaligned, HexaDecimator got under from the side of the wedge and flicked Devil's Plunger slightly upwards. After running under Devil's Plunger's wedge again and popping it upwards, HexaDecimator found Devil's Plunger riding up its wedge and seized the opportunity, firing its flipper and sending Devil's Plunger into a roll.
HexaDecimator Devil's Plunger 3

HexaDecimator sends Devil's Plunger into a barrel roll

After some maneuvering, HexaDecimator charged at the wedgebot again, but it ran into the part of the wedge that was touching the ground and got out-wedged, allowing Devil's Plunger to shove and pin HexaDecimator into the wall.
HexaDecimator Devil's Plunger 4

Devil's Plunger pins HexaDecimator against the wall

After being let out, HexaDecimator retaliated by getting under from the right side and firing its flipper, launching Devil's Plunger several feet forward and into the air.
HexaDecimator Devil's Plunger 5

HexaDecimator retaliates with another flip

After maneuvering around, HexaDecimator tried to flip from the side of Devil's Plunger, but missed. However, Devil's Plunger rode up HexaDecimator's wedge again, so HexaDecimator immediately followed up with a launch towards the wall, sending Devil's Plunger into a corkscrew before landing right-side up against the wall. Devil's Plunger appeared to have lost power from that blow, as it wasn't running its usual pace when it escaped to a corner. HexaDecimator capitalized, getting under from the front and launching Devil's Plunger high into the air, which was followed up by HexaDecimator getting under from the side and flicking it upwards. The match was paused shortly afterwards to show off Team PlumbCrazy's flame equipped wedge in the corner of the arena. Eventually, the match continued. HexaDecimator maintained the upper hand, getting under the still battle weary Devil's Plunger from head on and launching it into a backflip.
HexaDecimator Devil's Plunger 6

HexaDecimator launches Devil's Plunger into a backflip

After some maneuvering, Devil's Plunger rolled right over HexaDecimator, so the latter fired its flipper, only to miss. However, Devil's Plunger could not escape before HexaDecimator got under from the rear and flipped it back upside down and shoved it into the wall. After some maneuvering, HexaDecimator shoved Devil's Plunger into the wall from the side and launched it into a barrel roll, landing on top of the wall.
HexaDecimator Devil's Plunger 7

HexaDecimator launches Devil's Plunger on top of the wall

After letting it go, HexaDecimator caught up in the middle of the arena and got under from the left side, where it launched Devil's Plunger straight into the air.
HexaDecimator Devil's Plunger 8

HexaDecimator launches Devil's Plunger for the final time

However, this move seemed to have knocked something loose inside HexaDecimator, rendering its drivetrain incapacitated. HexaDecimator fired its flipper several times to try to knock its drivetrain back into running order, with no luck. Luckily, there wasn't enough time to count it out, so the match made the distance. Despite being incapacitated in the final seconds, the judges awarded HexaDecimator the victory, advancing it into the loser's bracket semi-finals, where it met CycloneBot in a rematch to the beginning of the tournament.

When the match began, HexaDecimator waited for a few seconds as CycloneBot started spinning up before charging right into the sit-and-spin bot, getting spun around. After maneuvering away, HexaDecimator slowly approached CycloneBot and took a light hit, before charging right in for a major hit that knocked CycloneBot across the arena. HexaDecimator immediately charged again and took a hit to the corner of its wedge, getting knocked into the wall. After recovering from the blow, HexaDecimator returned to its tactic of slowly approaching its opponent, where it took some light hits to its wedge. HexaDecimator then waited for CycloneBot to approach it, and when it finally did, HexaDecimator charged again and knocked CycloneBot a few feet away. HexaDecimator slowly approached again, hoping to put its flipper into action. Eventually, HexaDecimator charged into the sit-and-spin bot and fired its flipper, sending CycloneBot into the air and bouncing into the wall. When CycloneBot spun back up, HexaDecimator charged in and rammed CycloneBot into the wall, stopping it from spinning. When CycloneBot escaped into the middle of the arena to try and spin back up, HexaDecimator gave chase, taking some light blows with its wedge. When it appeared to have gotten under CycloneBot, HexaDecimator fired its flipping arm in two attempts, only for both to miss and take damage to the arm. HexaDecimator tried again, charging in and managing to get CycloneBot riding up its wedge, but missing the flip. However, this appeared to have knocked something loose inside CycloneBot, causing it to spin down and stop moving. HexaDecimator seized the opportunity, flipping the incapacitated CycloneBot onto its back. CycloneBot was counted out, giving HexaDecimator the win by KO and advancing to the loser's bracket finals, where it faced fellow newly revamped BattleBots competitor SJ.

When the match began, HexaDecimator maneuvered around to avoid the claw-like lifting attachment on SJ before managing to get to the side and flip SJ onto its back. After the latter swiftly self-righted, HexaDecimator backed up and charged into the side of SJ's wedge, creating a streak of sparks. HexaDecimator then charged head on, only managing to get its wedge under SJ's and not its flipping arm. After separating, HexaDecimator left its left side exposed, allowing SJ to capitalize and slam it into the wall. HexaDecimator was repeatedly shafted and later slammed into the corner, where it was later let go. After moving out, HexaDecimator charged and brushed past the claw-like lifter, ramming into and getting itself stuck under the wall in the process. The match was stopped to free HexaDecimator from the wall. When the match restarted, HexaDecimator turned around and tried to move out, but it struck a seam on the floor. This allowed SJ to get under from the left side and slam HexaDecimator into the corner. After being let out, the battle for position continued. After several attempts to get under and achieve a flip, including one where it managed to get under from the side but fired its flipper too late, HexaDecimator once again found itself in a dangerous position when SJ got under the flipping arm and slammed it into the wall. HexaDecimator continued to get shoved across the wall before being knocked free by a floor seam catching SJ's wedge. After some maneuvering, HexaDecimator rammed into SJ's wedge and followed that up with a ram that knocked SJ's hinged wedge downwards. However, HexaDecimator fired its flipper too early, and so the battle for position continued. After a bit of maneuvering, HexaDecimator was once again in the hands of SJ after getting out-wedged from the front and shoved into the corner, where SJ repeatedly shafted it and tried to flip it with its lifting arm. HexaDecimator was eventually able to escape, but it was soon scooped up from the side and slammed into the wall, where it was hit by the lifting arm before being let go. In the final seconds, HexaDecimator charged head on in a last-ditch effort to achieve a flip and managed to get under, but its flipping arm only managed to skim past SJ's hinged wedge. The match made the distance soon after, leading to a judges' decision. Due to SJ being in control for great portions of the fight, HexaDecimator lost the decision, eliminating it from the tournament.

RoboGames 2017Edit

Hexy D
Hexy D flips Whoops!

Hexy D flips Whoops!

HexaDecimator's first match this event was against Hal Rucker's Whoops!. This match started with Hexy D skidding around the arena due to bad ground clearance. Eventually Hexy D managed to get a flip in on Whoops!, however Whoops! was invertible so it continued moving.

Hexy D then attempted another flip, however it failed, and Whoops! got away. Hexy D gave chase, and pursued Whoops! to the center of the arena, and delivered another flip. Whoops! then started shoving Hexy D around, but Hexy D got away, and promptly got high centered on the arena floor, and was counted out with 1:53 left on the clock.

Sluggo delivers a massive blow to Hexy D

Sparks fly as Hexy D is attacked by Sluggo.

This put HexaDecimator in the loser's bracket where it faced Sluggo. This fight began with Sluggo spinning up to full speed, and attempting to use its Omni-drive to drift into Hexy D. When the two connected Sluggo struck twice, with the first hit showering sparks everywhere, and the second hit ripping a chunk off of Hexy D.

Sluggo then drifted into the rear of Hexy D, weapon first, sending even more sparks flying, and knocking Hexy D away a few feet. This hit ripped a gash in the side of Hexy D, Sluggo then came on the attack again, and delivered a blow to the other side of Hexy D. This attack busted Hexy D's pneumatics, unfortunately this same hit also caused Sluggo to skid over to the arena corner where it stopped working, and was counted out.

Hexy D is slammed against the wall

Hexy D is slammed into the wall by Boris Badenov.

This put HexaDecimator through to the second round of the loser's bracket where it faced Boris Badenov, this match started with Boris Badenov charging Hexy D which was experiencing ground clearance issues, and slamming it hard into the wall. Hexy D then got under Boris Badenov, and lifted it, however it was unable to flip it over, and Boris Badenov slammed Hexy D against the wall again, this time nearly flipping it over.
"Ooh, a good flip in there, but not able to flip uhh... Unfortunately not able to flip."
— Mark Elam stumbling with words as Hexadecimator fails to flip Boris Badenov.
Hexy D gets a flip in

Hexy D gets a pop in on Boris Badenov.

Boris Badenov then missed a charge at Hexy D, and slammed itself into the wall, but recovered, and got under Hexy D yet again. This time Boris Badenov took Hexy D to one wall, before releasing, getting under, and taking it to another wall. Boris Badenov the got behind Hexy D, and slammed it into an uneven floor seam, this caused Hexy D to get high centered, but Boris Badenov came in, and freed it to let the fight continue.

Hexy D however was having even more issues now, as it was only able to turn in a circle. Boris Badenov then avoided Hexy D until the final seconds of the match where it slammed Hexy D into the wall one last time. Unsurprisingly the judges ruled the match in favor of Boris Badenov, meaning that Hexadecimator was eliminated from the competition.

RoboGames 2018Edit

Hexadecimator is currently registered for RoboGames 2018.


Competition Event Opponent(s) Round Results
RoboGames 2006 220lb Combat CycloneBot

Round of 16


Spinning Mayhem Won
Compressor Round of 12 Won
Devil's Plunger Quarter-Finals Won
CycloneBot Semi-Finals Won
SJ Losers Finals Lost
RoboGames 2017 220lb Combat Whoops! Round of 32


Sluggo Won
Boris Badenov Round of 24 Lost
RoboGames 2018 220lb Combat Lucky Round of 16 Lost
Ragin Scotsman Loser's Bracket Round 2 Lost
  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 6


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