• Megabyte was a Heavyweight robot built by Team Robotic Death Company that competed in the 2004ROBOLympics, 2004 RFL Nationals, as well as the 2005-2007 RoboGames, and the first ComBots Cup. It was a White, and Orange, four wheeled robot, armed with a powerful spinning shell. Megabyte did very well in competition winning various medals, including the Gold Medal in its first ever competition. Megabyte was retired in 2009, however it recently emerged that it would be coming out of retirement to compete in RoboGames 2017. [1] It also had a super heavyweight counterpart, Super Megabyte

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ROBOLympics 2004 Edit

2004 RFL Nationals Edit

RoboGames 2005 Edit

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RoboGames 2017 Edit

After getting a bye in the first round, Megabyte's first opponent was Polar Vortex. This match started with Megabyte spinning up to full speed, and slamming into Polar Vortex. This ripped the flywheel of Polar Vortex partially off the front of the robot, mounts and all. Polar Vortex then drove away but soon stranded itself on the weapon mount, caught fire, and tapped out.

This put Megabyte in the quarterfinals where it faced Original Sin, this match started with Megabyte spinning up to speed as Original Sin slowly approached. Original Sin then lightly tapped Megabyte causing it to become unbalanced before slamming into it sending both robots careening into opposite walls. Original Sin then slammed Megabyte again as it tried to spin up, this caused Megabyte to rebound into the wall where it started emitting smoke.

"Now smoke weapons are illegal, but I don't think that counts when its unintentional."
— Scott Robinson

This turned out to be from the weapon motor, as everytime Megabyte spun up, more smoke would come out, seriously reducing visibility in the arena. Without a fully functional weapon, Megabyte was easily shoved around by Original Sin for theremainder of the match. To make matters worse, with less than 1:30 on the clock Megabyte lost its weapon belt meaning that it now could not spin up at all. Original Sin then shovedit around until time ran out, unsurprisingly the judges ruled the match in favor of Original Sin, sending Megabyte to the loser's bracket where it faced Crash n' Burn .

Combat Record Edit


Competition Event Opponent(s) Round Results
ROBOLympics 2004 220lb Combat SJ Round of 12 Won (TV)
Evelyn a modified Dawg Quarter-Finals Won (TV)
Shin Splitter Semi-Finals Won (TV)
Vicious Circle Winners Final Won
SJ Final Won (TV)
2004 RFL Nationals Heavyweight Division SJ Semi-Finals Lost
bye bye
Shiva Won
CycloneBot Losers Final Won
Vicious Circle Consolation Final Won
SJ Final Lost
RoboGames 2005 220lb Combat TAZ-BOT

Round of 16


Wedgebot Round of 12 Won
Xitium Semi-Finals Won
Sewer Snake Winners Final Lost
Typhoon 2 Consolation Final Lost
ComBots Cup I Heavyweight Division BioHazard

Round of 16


Eugene Round of 12 Won
Sewer Snake Semi-Finals Lost
Brutality Won
SJ Losers Final Won
Karcas 2 Consolation Final Lost
ComBots GDC 220lb Combat Demonstration Sewer Snake None Draw
RoboGames 2006 220lb Combat SJ

Round of 16


Devil's Plunger Round of 12 Won
Original Sin Semi-Finals Lost
SJ Lost
RoboGames 2007 220lb Combat Enforcer X

Round of 12


Original Sin II Won
Original Sin Semi-Finals Lost
SJ Lost
RoboGames 2017 220lb Combat bye

Round of 32


Polar Vortex Round of 24 Won
Original Sin Round of 12 Lost
Crash n' Burn Lost
  • Wins: 20
  • Losses: 13
  • Byes: 2

RoboGames Record Edit

ROBOLympics 2004 - Gold

2004 RFL Nationals - Second Place

RoboGames 2005 - Bronze

2005 RFL Nationals- Third Place

RoboGames 2006 - Semi-Finals

RoboGames 2007 - Semi-Finals

RoboGames 2017 - Round of 12


Megabyte has had friendly rivalries with 5 bots, including a rather new one which took place outside of RoboGames.

Shrederator Edit

One of the first major rivalries Megabyte has was with one of the most successful full body spinners besides itself, that being Shrederator. While none of these rivalries have happened in Robogames specifically. Both robots competed in Robogames in the past. The 2 robots have fought 4 times and Megabyte is currently 3-1 against Shrederator.


Original SinEdit

Sewer SnakeEdit

Chiyung JinlunEdit

Outside RoboGames Edit

  • Megabyte as Invader for Season 2 of ABC's BattleBots.
  • Megabyte as it appeared for RoboGames 2017.
  • Megabyte as it appeared for King of Bots Season 1.
Megabyte first debuted at BattleBots Season 5.0 under the name Megabite, as a bar spinner, where it lost its only fight against Heart of Gold. It then competed in the final two Steel Conflict events, winning the third one, came in second at the fourth North Carolina Robot Street Fight, and won first place at Mechwars 8.

After its last appearance at the 2009 BattleBots event where it reached the quarter-finals the team retired until 2016, when Megabyte would be rebuilt as Invader, and compete in Season 2 of the ABC Reboot where it lost in the qualifying rumbles.

In 2017 Megabyte (alongside Mega Melvin) became one of two RoboGames competitors to travel to Asia where it competed in Chinese TV show King of Bots where it beat Russian robot Stingray in the first round by knockout. in the first round before clawing through the Wildcard bracket to place third after losing twice to Chiyung Jinlun.


Robot Combat Hall of Fame (Inducted 2005)


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