Micro Drive-0

Micro Drive

Micro Drive was a Fairyweight robot built by Team Misfit that competed at RoboGames 2006, 2007, and 2008. It was a clear, two-wheeled invertible robot with blue flame decals, and a lifting arm. Micro Drive did extremely well during the time it competed at RoboGames, winning a medal in all three events competed in.

RoboGames History Edit

RoboGames 2006 Edit

RoboGames 2007 Edit

RoboGames 2008 Edit

Combat Record Edit


  • Wins: 10
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
RoboGames 2006 Dark Bullit


Change of Heart

Change of Heart
RoboGames 2007 Crisp

Skeet Skeet

Dark Bullit (2x)

RoboGames 2008 Pocket Touro

Atom Bomb


The Joke (2x)

RoboGames Record Edit

RoboGames 2006 - Gold Medalist

RoboGames 2007 - Gold Medalist

RoboGames 2008 - Silver Medalist

Outside RoboGames Edit

Micro Drive entered the third Smackdown in Sactown event where it placed second, losing only to Crisp.

Following the 2008 RoboGames event MicroDrive did not make an appearance at any event for 7 years until it came out of retirement, and won the 2014 Sonoma Ant Wars event.

Trivia Edit

Despite not having a single fight since 2014 Micro Drive is still the #1 ranked Fairyweight in the US.