"Meet Nigel The Autonomous Combat Robot. Took 2 semesters but it was finally completed on time. She's 220 pounds of pure hurting bombs. Hopefully she will do well on competition day this weekend."
— Joey Lau

Nigel is a Heavyweight Robot built by Mack Hawkins, Mike Hritz, Joey Lau, and Zac Kilburn, students from the University of Akron for Robogames 2018. It is a two-wheeled, invertivble, gold, and white ring spinner. Nigel is unique in the fact that it does not need a driver being fully autonomous marking the first time in Robogames history that a Heavyweight was fully autonomous.

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  • Aside from being the first Heavyweight robot in Robogames history to be fully autonomous, Nigel also holds the distinction of being the first fully autonomous Heavyweight robot since 1997.
  • On top of this Nigel also holds the distinction of being the first time a fully autonomous Heavyweight has been entered into a main competition as the autonomous figts at Robot Wars 1995-97 were merely exhibition matches.
  • Despite the male name Thomas Lau insists that Nigel is female.

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First fully autonomous Heavyweight in Robogames history
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