PSS Ant-0


PSS Ant was an Antweight built by Team Plumb Crazy that competed at the 2003 RSA Holiday Games. It was a Silver, four-wheeled, invertible, wedge robot with no active weaponry. PSS Ant did very poorly in the competition, losing both of its battles. Team Plumb Crazy would later go on to build the highly successful Heavyweight Sewer Snake which would become a dominant force in both RoboGames, and ComBots up until its hiatus in 2013.

Robot History Edit

2003 RSA Holiday Games Edit

Nothing is known about how PSS Ant fared exactly in this event as pretty much all records of the 2003 RSA Holiday Games has been lost to time. What is known however is that it lost its first match to Little Bugger, this put it in the losers bracket against VDD. PSS Ant lost this fight as well, and was eliminated from the 2003 RSA Holiday Games.

Combat Record Edit


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
2003 RSA Holiday Games None Little Bugger


Trivia Edit

  • PSS Ant remains the only insect class robot Team Plumb Crazy has built.