Riddle Box

Riddle Box

Riddle Box was a robot built by Team Shogun to compete in the 2010 RoboGames event. Riddle Box was a Superheavyweight 4 wheel drive invertable push bot with no active weapons. Despite losing both of its fights Riddle Box wound up taking home Silver in its only event due to it being one of only two bots entered into the SuperHeavyweight division. Following the 2010 event Riddle Box was retired as RoboGames discontinued its SuperHeavyweight division, and as it was the last event running that weight class this left Riddle Box with nowhere to compete.

Robot History Edit

Robogames 2010 Edit

Combat Record Edit

Wins: 0

Losses: 2

Competition Wins Losses
RoboGames 2010 None Ziggy (x2)

Trivia Edit

  • Riddle Box is one of only two robots to win a Silver Medal without winning a single fight in an event it placed second in, the other being Sewer Snake.
  • Furthermore Riddle Box is the only bot to have done so that never won a single fight during its career.