Sluggo pits

Sluggo in the pits with its crew surrounding it.

Sluggo is a Heavyweight robot built by the Salt Lake City, Utah based Team Angry that competed at RoboGames 2017.[1] It is a silver, invertible, box-shaped robot with Omni-wheel drive, and a powerful spinning bar, capable of getting up to a very high amount of RPM. Unfortunately despite all this powerful weaponry Sluggo proved very unreliable, breaking down in all two of its fights, and going 0-2.

Robot HistoryEdit

RoboGames 2017Edit


Sluggo in the arena

Sluggo's first match was against Mouse. When the match began, Sluggo spun up, but it did not move, allowing Mouse to move in and shove Sluggo into the wall. After Mouse backed away, Sluggo finally got going, turning around to face Mouse, only for Sluggo's drivetrain to shut down again. Mouse spun around in celebration as Sluggo spun back up, but was counted out.
Mouse Sluggo

Mouse spins in celebration as Sluggo gets counted out.

As it turned out, Sluggo was suffering from radio frequency interference, preventing the team from gaining control of the bot for the majority of the fight.

This put Sluggo in the loser's bracket where it faced HexaDecimator. This fight began with Sluggo spinning up to full speed, and attempting to use its Omni-drive to drift into Hexy D. When the two connected Sluggo struck twice, with the first hit showering sparks everywhere, and the second hit ripping a chunk off of Hexy D.

Sluggo then drifted into the rear of Hexy D, weapon first, sending even more sparks flying, and knocking Hexy D away a few feet.
Sluggo delivers a massive blow to Hexy D

Sluggo delivers a blow to Hexy D.

This hit ripped a gash in the side of Hexy D, Sluggo then came on the attack again, and delivered a blow to the other side of Hexy D.
Sluggo HexaDecimator final shot

Sluggo delivers a massive final shot to HexaDecimator's wedge.

This attack busted Hexy D's pneumatics, but the same hit also caused Sluggo to skid over to the arena corner where it stopped working, and it was counted out, eliminating it from the competition.


Competition Wins Losses
RoboGames 2017 None



  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
Angry Frog

Sluggo in ClashBots as Angry Frog


  • Sluggo is the first horizontal bar spinner to compete in RoboGames to have Omni-wheels for drive.
  • Sluggo is set to be the fourth US RoboGames competitor to compete in China (after Echo 2.0 (FMB), Mega Melvin , and Megabyte (King of Bots)), and is slated to compete in Clash Bots as Angry Frog.
  • Sluggo was one of the last bots to drop out of RoboGames 2018, stating that they would not be competing that year, and that they would instead return for RoboGames 2019 a mere 5 days before the competition. [2] However, this never came to fruition as Robogames 2019 was canceled due to the organizer of Robogames moving out of the U.S.


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