Team Moons logo Circa 2008

Team Moon was a team from Cary, NC that competed from RoboGames 2005 to RoboGames 2011. Team Moon is probably best known for their Heavyweight/SuperHeavyweight robot Gerald that won the ComBots Texas Cup, and was a Silver Medalist in the 2008 RoboGames.


  • Wins: 35
  • Losses: 33
Robot Weight class Events competed in
2EZ Lightweight RoboGames 2008
Death and Taxes Heavyweight ComBots Cup V

RoboGames 2011

Emily Middleweight RoboGames 2008

ComBots Texas Cup

Eugene Heavyweight ComBots Cup I

RoboGames 2007-2008

Gerald Heavyweight/SuperHeavyweight RoboGames 2008

ComBots Texas Cup

Pyromancer Featherweight ComBots Texas Cup

RoboGames 2009

Relic Featherweight RoboGames 2008-2010
Star Hawk SuperHeavyweight RoboGames 2005

ComBots Cup I

Vera Heavyweight RoboGames 2011
Vladiator SuperHeavyweight RoboGames 2010

ComBots Texas Cup