The Great Pumkin was a lightweight (later a heavyweight) robot built by team Hardcore Robotics with a plastic pumpkin on top that competed at Robogames 2009-2015 and Combots Cup VI-VII. It was retired after Robogames 2015.

The first Great Pumpkin was a lightweight robot. It was a silver, boxed-shaped robot with a wedge on front that competed at Robogames 2009. It also had a inflatable pumpkin on top. It was similar to the teams other lightweight (later a middleweight), Frosty The Snowbot. However the inflatable pumpkin got puncherd in it’s first match, and was replaced with a hard plastic pumpkin. This robot performed decently as it went 2-2. After the event Ray Billings simply gave the robot away.

The second Great Pumpkin was a heavyweight robot built from one of the old frames from The Mortician. It was a 2 wheeled, boxed-shaped robot mounted with a large orange a black wedge. (It would later have a heavier wedge and a flamethrower system.) Like the first version it featured a plastic pumpkin on top of the robot. This however made the robot not invertible. (However if the plastic pumpkin was removed the robot would be invertible.) This verson performed well as it never failed to win at least one match in each tournament. This version first competed at Combots Cup VI where it went 2-2. This version was then turned into the new version of Swamp Thing.

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